Existing since 1910, this old armory more than a century old, delivered to the taste of the day welcomes you between the Galeries Lafayette and Gare Saint-Lazare.


The old French Armory Renaud, well known in Paris, has found its splendor of yesteryear, its atmosphere of the 70s and all its charm thanks to the discreet and warm lighting.


Our 60m² cutlery is based on craftsmanship while maintaining its rustic and comfortable atmosphere. Knives of Laguiole en Aubrac manufacture, or Thiers; took a place of choice but not only.

Always dedicated to an old and new clientele a wide choice for the art of shaving, scissors, kitchen knives.


For self-defense: Tear bombs and tasers.


The manicure also has its display, as well as the very specific multi functional tools such as the brand Leatherman or Victorinox.


The sharpening is also effective thanks to the many specialized craftsmen in France with whom we work and with whom the old scissors, knives, secateurs and other sharp pieces will be pampered.

Not forgetting the stars, real showcase for the panoply of knives, Laguiole en Aubrac Pocket knives, Laguiole Steak Knives, Sommeliers Corkscrews, but also the Opinel, the Japanese Kai, not to mention the tableware, peppers, corkscrews...

In our beautiful store that has combined the patina of the past and the heat of the future, you will not only find rare knives but also beautiful tools, necessary for the table and life.
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Laguiole en Aubrac Knives 


  • Brass Bolsters
  • Stainless Steel Bolsters
  • Double Plates
  • Laguiole Collectors
  • 7cm - 9cm -11cm - 12cm
  • With or without corkscrew
> Knives Forks and Spoons
> Flatware 28 pieces
> Sommeliers Corkscrews
> Laguiole Carving Set
> Laguiole Kitchen Knives
> Laguiole Cheese Knives and set


Indispensable to any amateur or professional, discover our wide choice of kitchen knives.

> French Kitchen Knives Sabatier K

> German Kitchen Knives Zwilling

> Japanese Kitchen Knives Kai

Kitchen Knives and Accessories 



1515 Manu Laplace Folding Knives

Well known by lovers of beautiful hunting knives, Manu Laplace's 1515 knife holds a special place in traditional Thiers cutlery.

With a resolutely modern and practical line, noble, rare or precious materials and a reliable mechanism, this knife has become a reference in French cutler know-how.

Add to that an innate sense of the transmission of the passion of its creator, these knives graze perfection!

Opinel - Victorinox - Spyderco -Letherman



Beautiful and useful daily tools at home or in pocket for walks, gardening, DIY, hiking, scouts, trekking ...

Opinel pocket, table or kitchen knives . Victorinox Swiss knives, Letherman multifunction knives, Spyderco knives.


Scissors - Manicure Set - Pliers 


A space is entirely dedicated to manicure sets, pliers and scissors with various functions ...

From specialized manufacturers each in their field, we will help you find the precise object of your research!


A space is entirely dedicated to the Pogonophiles. From shaving with Cut Throat cutters and their accessories, to the every day maintenance of the beard!

From specialized brands such as: Plisson, Dovo, Solingen, Pfeilring, Osma ...

Shaving: Cut throat cutter and Accessories 



Sharpening any sharp object - Silver


Indispensable to any amateur or professional, specialized sharpening or silvering service is also proposed to revive all your sharp objects!



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